Caitlin Glass (kiristokyoto) wrote,
Caitlin Glass

Ni hao!

So I'm in China again, just in time for the World Expo in Shanghai! I'm here working but there is plenty of time for play as well. However, Tony couldn't come with me this time and without him here, I lack the motivation to go out exploring. I'd really love to just sleep, since I don't get much of that at home!

Really though, as much as I love the VA work, and even did some directing on the fly today, I'm really enjoying being away from it full-time. Sometimes you just need a break, even from things that you love. Regardless of how kick-ass many people feel my job is, it has it's downsides. The politics. The not-knowing-if-I-have-another-contract-coming-up. The silent campaigning to go to conventions. The not-so-silent campaigning by some. Divas.

I thought that this trip would solidify my desire to absolutely return to the job ASAP, but I think it is doing the opposite. OK, maybe not the full opposite. Perhaps a better statement would be that this trip is solidifying for me the things I love and hate about the biz, and giving me a clearer picture of the mentality I want to have whenever I do go back. This is thanks in part to a fellow VA's recent journal entry. Her attitude about work reminds me of the way I used to feel when I first began. The joy and the gratefulness. So thanks Alexis, if you read this ;-)

I know I definitely miss FMA though! I miss working on it, I miss directing it... but my wonderful boss sent me DVD's to watch!! YAY! Maybe I'll go watch them right now ;-)
Tags: china, work
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