Caitlin Glass (kiristokyoto) wrote,
Caitlin Glass

Random Thoughts

It's break time in my 3 hour class. SO LONG! But half over, so that's good. I wish i journaled more. I blame the lack of internet at the casa. It's so darn expensive here. We've been pirating a signal to skype on the iphone, but now the iphone has crashed! I'll have to take it home to TX and reboot it on Tony's computer. So... we need the net!

Anyway, Spain is pretty awesome right now, due to the World Cup win! We watched every Spain game, it was so exciting! The night they won, our neighborhood restaurant just exploded with cheers. Screaming, crying, jumping, running, blowing horns, fireworks- it was awesome! We had some celebratory beers and then hopped on the metro to go party in the streets in the city center. It was chaotic, but so great. A very memorable, one-of-a-kind, probably once in a lifetime experience. And it got better! The next day, we took to the streets along with 1 million other madrilenos to celebrate the homecoming of the champions! There was a parade and we got to see the players and the trophy atop a bus as the rode around town. None of the pictures turned out very well, due to the crowd and our excitement, but I have plenty of pictures in my head.

Now that the World Cup is over, we don't know what to do at night. There's no football to watch! We're also usually really tired because of the heat. It's hard to fall asleep at night because it's too darn hot! We get up, go to work, come home exhausted enough to crash on the couch for a few hours, get up, cook and eat dinner, and repeat the cycle. Last night we moved the guest bed into the living room where the AC is. Tony slept on the couch and I had the bed and got the first full night's sleep I've had in WEEKS. it was great.

What else.... lots of summer sales, but no money to blow really. So that's no fun.

Going to TX and Canada in a few weeks. Getting pretty excited about that! Real food! And air conditioning! And anime conventions! And voice acting! Woo hoo! And seeing family :-)

ok- back to class.
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