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I make lists a lot.

 I should write a nice journal post, but all I can think of is another list of things I should be doing but am not doing because I'm messing around online. Perhaps I am just relishing the free time? Is it really free time if there are other things I should be doing? All I know is that next week I go back to teaching and my free time will be considerably shorter. Like, cut in half. Bust after next week, rehearsal ends and I'll have night free again. Woo hoo! I still think I'll make a list. At the end of the post though.

So I'm in a play. It's called Herd 'Em Through The Grapevine, a comedy/murder-mystery/dinner theatre with a company I work for called Lagniappe. I worked with them briefly back in 2006 (6 years ago? Where does the time go?) They're a great group of people and I'm glad to be with them again. I did a show with them for the holidays called Dismay in Manger and I played the mayor's wife/widow, a social ladder climbing prissy pants woman, who had a love affair with a stagecoach driver! I was not the killer. But I could have been! It changed every weekend, but was never me. Anyway, in Herd 'Em  I play a teetotaling, temperance-preaching woman named Imma Nothavinany (ha ha- get it?). All of Lagniappe's shows are set in the "wild west" in the late 1800's but with random current references thrown in for laughs. Usually everyone has a ridiculous Texas accent, which is always fun. This time around, my character is from the East Coast, Boston to be exact. I really didn't want to be Bostonian, especially because the script writers don't even know why she's from there. Just because I guess. To be different? Anyway, I needed to do something with her voice that wasn't southern and what I've come up with basically sounds like Wanda from Fairly Oddparents. No joke! It's a lot more fun now :-)

I was going to write about my teaching job but in the middle of all this I walked and played with the dog and had lunch. Now I'm tired! Time for that list...

Stuff I Should Do But Don't Feel Like Doing:
  • Finish putting away Christmas decor
  • prep work for classes next week
  • work on my lines
  • laundry (Gah! It never ends!)
  • the dishes (they don't end either!)

Things I Do Feel Like Doing But Won't Do Because Then I'll Really Feel Guilty About Not Doing The Things On The Above List:
  • watching Doctor Who
  • or Torchwood
  • or taking a nap (Actually, forget the guilt. I'm doing this one...)
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