Caitlin Glass (kiristokyoto) wrote,
Caitlin Glass

Off to opening night!

It's been one heck of a day! had to take my car to the shop and... okay, that's it really. But I wanted to just chill and do nothing except maybe the usual laundry until showtime.

Tony has been sick all week with a sinus infection or something. I came home from rehearsal last night to discover he had lost his voice! Today it wasn't any better AND he smacked his head on a cabinet at work and has a big gash on his forehead about two and half inches long! I went to walgreens, got some wound closure bandages and will have to "stitch" him up really quickly as soon as he gets home. There are some major road closures over by the theatre due to an accident with a semi last night, so I expect the drive to take longer than usual. Gotta leave earlier, I guess.

A million things to do this weekend. Mainly a lot of play reading and character and scene breakdowns before my kiddos audition next week. So far I've got 2 schools with 40 kids who will perform a show called Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit and another school with 22 kids doing Peter Pan. I've got one more school I've yet to go to. Their first day is Monday. They're also doing Peter Pan but I don't know how many kids I have.

This is pretty boring post. i'm just trying to at least write something, even if it's not very interesting!

Oh, I lost 2 pounds! So i rewarded myself with M&M's. is that counter productive?

I wish i could go see FMA Star of Milos, or whatever it's called. i remember when Shamballa was in the theatres and what a big deal it was for all of us. Winry is barely in the new movie but it still would be nice to see it on the big screen. it's only showing at 2 theatres in the whole metroplex, and my play conflicts with the showtimes. boo!

well, gotta go. hair and make-up time.
Tags: fma, tcaa, theatre, tony, work
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